1st South Carolina




The 1st South Carolina is the premier Confederate infantry unit in the CCWS. Our unit primarily does a campaign-style encampment, and extensive drill to meet the demands of authenticity for our portrayal. Since it’s formation in 2008, we have grown slightly and attended many CCWS events, including the Heritage Days at Fort Klamath, and Moore Park in Klamath Falls. 2010 plans to be very eventful-In planning with our unit and other units with the CCWS, the 1st SC plans to lead the way in the CCWS Tactical, hopefully Spring, 2010, as well as Joseph Stewart and Moore Park, among others. We also portray the sharpshooter battalion attached to the South Carolina brigade, many of whom were rom the 1st SC. Conduction period drills for the time for a Confederate scout and sharpshooter, our men are the best counter in any federal sharpshooter unit, able to hold our line and protect our other units. If you feel interested in portraying an elite unit during the Civil War, let us know! We’re always looking for new recruits.

Firing volley


Brief History of Company H

Formed as Minutemen in Hamburg, South Carolina - August 2, 1860

Mustered into service as Company H, 1st SCV January 8, 1861 under Col. Maxcy Gregg

Deployed on Morris Island and assisted in the bombardment of Fort Sumter

Sent to Manassas Junction May 23 to picket.

Disbanded July 2 1861 (Enlistment ran out)

Reformed July 31, Co. H, Captain William Haskell commanding company

Engaged thereafter from Cold Harbor to the surrender at Appomattox Court House

** Was the first regiment of the first brigade to enter the town of Gettysburg July 1, 1863

**Was the first regiment of AP Hill's Corps to arrive at Sharpsburg (Antietam), firing a single volley into Burnside's flank, saving the Army of Northern Virginia September 17, 1862

**Supplied two NCOs to the Battalion of Sharpshooters, Sgt. Berry Benson and Cpl. Blackwood Benson - brothers.

If you are interested in joining or want more information, feel free to contact Sgt. James Armstrong

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